Realization Process Embodiment

Realization Process Embodiment is a series of gentle but precise body exercises that teach us to fully inhabit our bodies and to identify internal areas of chronic tension and constriction. Once identified, we learn to release these constrictions through Healing Ground work.

Like any practice, Realization Process requires patience, curiosity, and effort. In time, the exercises become effortless. In my embodiment classes, I teach the exercises in a supportive environment where you can also learn how to be a good and kind teacher to yourself.

I offer Embodiment instruction in two four-session classes:

  • The Basics. Four weekly 75-minute sessions in a small group format covering the difference between body awareness and inhabiting the body; attuning to fundamental consciousness; the core breath; and related exercises.

  • Deepening. This followup class to The Basics consists of four weekly 75-minute sessions that help the student go deeper. Can be taken immediately after the Basics or at a later time.  


Class fees are based on the principles of transparent generosity, a middle way between market rate and free. This insures that classes are available to all, regardless of ability to pay, while also allowing me to make a living. (Dharma teacher Vincent Horn developed transparent generosity. He explains it in this excellent article.)

How it works: on the upcoming classes page, two fees are listed with each class: the first  is the full amount I ask (currently $180 for four classes) and the second is the minimum amount ($65). If you can pay the full amount, please do. If you can’t, pick an amount that works for you in between full and minimum. Transparent generosity works when everyone is honest and transparent about their resources and needs.

One-on-one sessions

One on one sessions are available both for Embodiment work and Healing Ground both in person and on Zoom. Most people begin Realization Process practice by taking an embodiment class or attending a retreat. Some choose to continue the embodiment instruction in a one-on-one setting for a limited time in order to address particular concerns or deepen their embodiment.

Healing Ground work helps release chronic constriction and tension identified during embodiment practice. It is available after a student has become comfortable with embodiment.

Suggested fee: $60 per hour; minimum $40

Retreats and workshops

A Realization Process retreat or workshop is a wonderful way to become acquainted with the practice and settle deeply into spacious stillness. I offer both half-day and full-day retreats, both in person and on Zoom, at various times throughout the year. Fees vary.

I can also tailor a retreat or workshop to meet the needs of your particular group at your location.

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